Lounge Lizard Update – Plus Call to Action

November Prize for LannaLee Lounge Lizards
November Prize for LannaLee Lounge Lizards

November Prize for LannaLee Lounge Lizards click to enbiggen

Here is what I wrote on my blog about the first drawing for the LannaLee Lounge Lizard monthly prize, where one lucky Lounge Lizard (email list participant) is chosen to get a prize.

Every month I will be drawing a name from the LannaLee Lounge Lizard mailing list. The person who wins will get a gift bag with bunches of goodies.

If you would like to get a chance to win, and be entered to win your own gift bag, click here and follow the instructions.

Each winner will be randomly drawn. First I assign a number to each person, then I use a random number generator to generate said number.

Here is what is in the first gift bag:

I bought or made all of these items.

Our first winner of the LannaLee Lounge Lizard is my pal Trisha Smith. Normally I will mail the package to the recipient, especially if they live a couple of hours away. Fortuitously, today I will be in Trisha’s neighborhood and will be able drop this stuff off personally. I will take pictures, for sure!

The only difference between what is pictured (above) and what was received, is that there were also 3 Lounging with LannaLee pens included.

Yesterday I paid a visit to Trisha and handed her gift off to her. Here are a couple of pictures of Trish enjoying her stuff:
Trisha Smith Wins a prize!Trisha Smith Wins a prize!

Call to Action

If you already have not done so, please join the LannaLee Lounge Lizards.

Not only will you get an email newsletter from me with exclusive content, you will also :

  • Be entered in the monthly drawing
  • Get Access to exclusive Bonus Content for FREE

In fact, if you join the list right now, you will get access to an exclusive Premium Episode with Comedian Bob Marley [episode available to LannaLee Lounge Lizards until December 14th.]

So, join.