LLL040 Wicked Pretty Comedy Wars: Holiday Edition

It’s time for a very special Holiday edition of Lounging with LannaLee! Plus it features some of my favorite comics.

If you are like me, you could use a laugh today. I figured I’d check out the archives to cull out some favorite conversations I’ve had with my comedian friends, Jim Lauletta, George Hamm, Bob Marley and Rachel Flehinger, and share them here with you.

In this episode, Jim tells me how he really felt about The Phantom Menace and Jar Jar Binks; George and I reminisce about a raucous trip to the Boston Combat Zone; Bob regales me with his death wish; and Rachel answers 10 questions like a boss.

JimLaulettaSq copy

Jim Lounged with LannaLee in LLL021 Jim Lauletta Loads His Wit Laser.


GeorgeHammSqNew copy

George lounged with LannaLee in LLL007a George Hamm Part 1: Adventrues in the Combat Zone and LLL007b George Hamm Part 2: The Passions of George.


LannaBobGeorgeSq copy

You can find Bob Marley on Facebook and at his website bmarley.com.


008RachelFlehingerSq copy

Rachel lounged with Lanna in LLL008 Rachel Flehinger: Siren Songs of Podcast.

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