LLL044 Inspiration: Drums, Poetry, Life

Inspirations: Drums, Poetry, Life

Inspirations: Drums, Poetry, Life

It’s time for some inspiration for the new year. Here are three conversations that inspire me. Steve, a conservation biologist, and I talk about how he helps his students tell stories about ecology and he tells a story of how he came to collaborate/help start the Ghana Antelope Project. TLOVE and I talk about poetry, and she performs my favorite of her poems. And Rob Gould (@bobbbyg) answers 10 questions like nobody’s business.



Steve lounged with LannaLee in LLL024 Steve Trombulak: Hug The Earth Hard Enough.



TLOVE lounged with LannaLee in LLL016 Tina Smith, “TLOVE”: Rebellious Nature.



Rob Lounged with LannaLee in LLL020 Rob Gould: Change Like you Mean it.


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