LLL045 LLLSalon: Get Out Of the Car – Inspiration is Hard Work

LLL045 LLLSalon Get Out of the Car Inspiration is Hard Work

LLL045 LLLSalon Get Out of the Car Inspiration is Hard Work

Here is our second LLLSalon night! Our theme was Inspiration. Gennifer, Allie, Edmund, Keith, Candace and I talk about how inspiration is a lot of hard work and that you need to get out of the car every now and again.

Historically a Salon is a intellectual gathering where the hostess gathers a group of interesting people together to discuss politics, literature, art, music and other topics of the day. It would last over a long dinner which included several courses. These salons attracted the intellectual elite and were meant to educate and amuse their guests. I always loved the idea of a good salon. People wielded power in salons.

Each Lounging with LannaLee episode acts as if it were a mini-salon, with me and one or two guests. When I Lounged with Candace Karu I told her of my dream: to do a larger scale lounge. And to my great surprise and immense pleasure, she volunteer to host a dinner party at her house so we could do this.

Check out some pix from pal and photographer Keith Luke!

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