LLL065 Leslie Linfield: Town & Country

Leslie lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Leslie lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Leslie and Lanna talk about personal finance, moving from the city to the country, the perils of owning an old home, and preparing kids for the future. Leslie tells Lanna to not be afraid. And she answers 10 questions.

Leslie Linfield

Leslie E. Linfield, Esq. is the Executive Director and Founder of the Institute for Financial Literacy™ and a national authority on adult financial literacy education and consumer finance issues.

During her career as a banker, stock broker, housing counselor, financial counselor and practicing attorney she has conducted hundreds of presentations on money management and consumer finance. Some of her recent presentations were: Financial Counseling for Pension Clients (AoA Pension Counseling and Information Program), Financial Readiness=Mission Readiness: How DCU Can Provide Effective Financial Education Programs (DCUC Conference) Budgeting Basics: Family Inc. (The Money Conference for Women and Families), Less Money, More Results: The Nuts and Bolts of Program Evaluation (Annual Conference on Financial Education and Building Assets for People, Families and Communities Symposium), and The Evolution of Financial Literacy: Let’s Hear it for Catherine Beecher (AAFCS Northeast Regional Conference).

A noted author, her work has been widely covered in the New York Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Kiplingers, and SmartMoney, among other publications. Ms. Linfield is also a contributing editor for the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal and regularly appears on television as a personal finance expert. She has served on two committees of the American Bankruptcy Institute and on the Advisory Board for the Center for Consumer Financial Services at R.I.T., and currently serves on the Finance Authority of Maine’s Financial Literacy Advisory Council. Ms. Linfield is a graduate of Charter Oak State College inConnecticut and New England School of Law inBoston. In addition, Ms. Linfield holds professional certifications as a consumer credit counselor and a Personal Family and Finance Educator (CPFFE).

Ms. Linfield has been published on a variety of topics in professional journals, magazines and newspapers. Her published research includes, “2010 Annual Consumer Bankruptcy Demographics Report: The Five Year Perspective of the American Debtor;” “2009 Annual Consumer Bankruptcy Demographics Report: The American Debtor in The Great Recession;” “2008 Annual Consumer Bankruptcy Demographics Report: American Debtors in a Recession;” “Proposed Rebates in 2008: How will Americans Spend Their Tax Rebate Checks?”, “2007 Annual Consumer Bankruptcy Demographics Report;” “Aging and Bankruptcy: Are Older Americans Truly Afforded an Economic Fresh Start?”, and “Who Went Bankrupt in 2006? A Demographic Analysis of American Debtors.”

Ms. Linfield has published several books on personal finance, including: Senior Financial Safety (2010); Guide to Insurance & Investing (2010); First Step: Family Financial Management (2008); Guide to Credit & Debt Management (2007); Budget! It’s not a Four Letter Word (2005) Fresh Start: Personal Financial Management (2005); and Guide to Budgeting (2004).

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