LLL078 Live from the Maine TweetUp! #METweetUp #Podcast @mainetweetup


Chrystie and Kristi at the Maine Tweetup!

Chrystie and Kristi at the Maine Tweetup!

Did you miss the Maine TweetUp? Well, here’s a taste of some the conversations we had tonight.

Tonight was the monthly Maine TweetUp in Portland Maine, and I thought it would be fun to talk to a few folks and make a podcast out of it. So I did! I spoke with people I just met, like Kristi Trimmer (@dragonflytweet), and some I’ve known for several years, like Chrystie Vachon (@ilovetogossip/@ccMaine) and GriffinClubMerv (@GriffinClubMerv). To keep things simple, I asked everyone the same 5 questions. To top it off, I asked Greg Daly how we should make the world a better place, and he gave us a call to action.

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