LLL053 LLL G+ Hangout: Lamest Lounge Ever #LLLSalon

Google+ Hangout LIVE Lounge

Google+ Hangout LIVE LoungeRecorded as a livestream Google+ Hangout, join Trisha, Allie, Edmund and Lanna as their discussion devolves from joy to strip clubs to burlesque shows to tittie bars. They talk about what brings them joy, how they get joy when they don’t have it and how they are going to make their lives better over the next year. Also: strip clubs. And robot voices.

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LLL023 Alexandra Munier: Rolls Royce of Blenders @Broke207

Alexandra Munier

Alexandra MunierJoin Alexandra and Lanna as they discuss pasties, dog people and being thrifty. They dish about the IKEA Bus (“It’s the Six Flags of Shopping!”) and using Local Muscle. Allie explains her recent conversion from vegetarianism to veganism. And she answers 10 questions.

… finding candy without any animals in it is one of my hobbies.
                                                                                Alexandra Munier

Alexandra Munier

Alexandra Munier is kind of all over the place. She is a marketing operations coordinator by day, and spends her evenings dancing burlesque (as Candy Sprinkles) and writing for her sorta popular blog Broke207 (or it would be if she would ever update it). Sometimes she reads stories at local bars or hosts city wide clothing swaps, and one time she convinced some folks that she was a social media expert. Oh, and there was that other time she took a bunch of people to IKEA on a charter bus for funzos.

She also writes about being thrifty for Goodwill of Northern New England and whatever other blog or publication is willing to retain her services by asking nicely.

The 411: Alexandra Munier