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LLL092 LannaLee: It’s In The Can

092ItsInTheCan copyIt’s been a long time! Join me as I discuss what I’ve been up to and what we have in store next for Lounging with LannaLee! I maintain my veneer of positivity, shout out to Kitty Critic, and lead off with a freudian slip. Have a new day job and new apartment, but the Lounge, it’s eternal.

In case you were wondering: here is the first episode of Kitty Critic, featuring Lounging with LannaLee Alum, Samuel James:

LLL091 Lanna Lee: Myself and My Own Little Problems #podcast

In Lieu of a proper lounge, I chat with myself about wanting to do all the things, Wicked Twisted, Twisting balloons, having a bad clown day, Orange is the New Black and Outlander, and being stubborn. [Recorded 6/11/2014] Show the love! Go Premium! Click Here for Details. Click Here to Become a Lounge Lizard! Lounging […]


LLL090 Idamae Peacock: Rudderless Hellride through Looneytown #podcast

I Lounged with Idamae last May in LLL063 Idamae Peacock/ida mishaan: Love and Loss and Life and Death. Ida and I catch up a year later to talk about the artistic process, ecstatic painting, tattooing, graffiti-based art, religious kitsch, and Maya Angelou. We riff about swearing, character assignation, and being cool. Ida gushes about working […]


LLL089 Flip Florey: Give Yourself that Little Push #podcast #bance @GameKnight

Recorded in the aftermath of Huzzah! the Historical Wargaming Convention for New England, Flip brings the Bance! We talk about board games, clowning, balloon twisting and how to make the world a better place. Flip dishes that he met his wife Deb while playing Magic The Gathering. We chat about Flip The Table, playing HeartThrob, […]


LLL088 Julie Persons: The Happiness Factor

Julie and I chat about unschooling, living vicariously through Facebook, and living a life of happiness. We talk about living in Maine, and rural life. Julie tells how her art projects Chicks in Hats and The Adventures of Claudia started, and she dishes about etsy. Julie encourages you to find your path. And she answers […]


LLL087 Laura Benedict: Never Give Up #podcast

Laura pours her heart out in this refreshing and honest conversation. The week before Mother’s Day Laura and I sit down at The Red Barn to talk about giving until it hurts, filling the soul first, and how she leads from her heart. Laura talks about growing up poor, her lowest of lows, and how […]


LLL086 Todd Neufeld: Wherein Todd is a bad influence #podcast

Todd and I sit down to chat after helping build a 5-story balloon sculpture and reminisce of our days twisting together in Boston; back when I was a clown and he was a law student. Todd tells me how we can make the world a better place and he solves my performance anxiety. We are […]


LLL085 Phileas Flash: Balloon Whisperer #podcast

Phileas Flash gets deep in this fantastic conversation. In the aftermath of creating a five-story balloon sculpture, I hunker down with Phileas Flash and he tells me how we should make the world a better place. We discuss how balloons are like life and life is like a tapestry (or a river!) Phileas encourages everyone […]


LLL084 Kelly Cheatle: More Dogs! #podcast

In the aftermath of building a 5-story balloon Jack and His Beanstalk at Balloon Manor 2014, I sit down with Airigami’s artistic director, Kelly Cheatle. We talk about the artistic proccess, and how Kelly says we can make the world a better place. Hint: Don’t be a Jerk! Kelly talks about how she started making […]


LLL083a The Pod is Back #podcast

One more solo pod before we get back to proper lounges. I pick up where LLL083 – LannaLee’s Existential Angst left off, give you an update of what’s been going on, and get you (and me!) pumped up for next week’s podcast, which will feature Kelly Cheatle from Balloon Manor. Talking about depression, Balloon Manor […]