#004 Orion Foxwood Conjures up a Good Time

Orion Foxwood

Orion FoxwoodOrion and Lanna discuss spirituality, plugging into the source, inner peace and 4 things that damage ones soul. Orion talks about Southern Appalachian root doctoring, just what conjuring means, his former career in public policy, and his thirst for enlightenment. And he answers 10 questions.

Orion Foxwood is an author, traditional witch, Faery Seer, and conjurer in the Southern Folk tradition. He lectures extensively on magical practices and spiritual development. He holds a masters degree in Human Services. In his previous career in public health programming and policy he strove to be an agent of change in well-being and giving voice to the voiceless.

He is a dedicated teacher and author. Founding Elder of Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, Co-Founder of House of Brigh Institute for Faery Seership, Co-Founder/ (National) Alliance of the Old Religion, and author of:

  • “The Faery Teachings” published by RJ Stewart Books
  • “The Tree of Enchantments”published by Weiser Books
  • A collaborative CD project with RJ Stewart called “Faery Seership”
  • And a 4 DVD set called “An Introduction to Faery Seership”recored by –Pendraig Publications.

The 411: Orion Foxwood

Here is where you can find Orion online.

[Recorded 02/04/2012]
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