Take Lounging with LannaLee to the Next Level

Couches Galore!

Couches Galore!

Support Lounging with LannaLee! It will make you SMARTER AND BETTER LOOKING!*

Help me do something CRAZY! Take a train to Kansas to speak at a conference. AND get more victims guests for the show! In turn I will get you some exclusive Lounging with LannaLee content, and your choice of perks.

You will become a better person. Respect will be instant. World leaders will ask YOU for advice.

Tell your friends!

I’m raising money to take Lounging with LannaLee on the Road to travel to the SmallTown2012 conference: #140conf SmallTown: Exploring the State of NOW in Small Towns which will be held in Hutchinson, Kansas.

I will be speaking, so this is a big deal. The money raised will go for traveling fees and promo materials – If I go over my goal, extra money will to toward future trips/materials for Lounging with LannaLee.

I will take a train to Hutchinson (a 2-day trip!) and stay for a week. While I am there I will connect with local people and some of the other conference attendees with the hopes of lounging with a few of them. I will document the trip via video and audio pods that will be exclusive to those who supported the project.

For perks I’ve included ones that I hope will be fun, a High Five, On the Road Poetry, On the Road Monster, On the Road Monster Plush, A catered dinner/salon (LannaLee Digital Salon) or even a sponsorship opportunity.

What am I speaking about? Here is my submission, it sums it up pretty well.

Another Glorious Day in Suck City: How Facebook and blogging help my family cope with my father’s terminal illness
What I would like to talk about *
Last February we found out my father was very ill, he had stage 4 lung cancer, and was given two months to live. We were able to use Facebook and my blogging to keep people in the loop with what was going on, and conversely our family and friends were able to communicate their feelings to us directly. [blog category here: http://lannaleemaheux.com/category/cancertime/]

My talk will be about how that felt, to have the instant connection with family. How our family and friends were able to share our grief as my Dad became sicker and sicker. How we were able to count our blessings and find laughter in the midst of tragedy.

Why I want to speak at #140conf *
As a speaker, it would be a great opportunity regardless. Because of it’s thrust toward the 140 character and “now” conversation, it’s a good chance for me to talk about the real good Facebook and social media can do. People joke about how “no one cares what you have for lunch” when talking about Twitter and Facebook, and maybe that’s true, but I’ve met some great friends from Twitter and reconnected with many old friends on Facebook. They are both an integral part of my life, and both were critical in helping me and my family make it through the worst time of our lives. Rather than feeling disconnected, we felt connected. I think that needs to be part of the conversation.

Please, I hope you can give. Or Share. Or both. Thanks.

*No doctors where consulted for this claim.