Past Shows

039TheMallettBrothersSq copy LLL039 Luke and Will Mallett: The Mallett Brothers: Road Warriors In a sketchy band practice room, Luke, Will and Lanna talk about growing up in Piscataquis County, high school politics, and the creative life. Will gets all existential. Luke chooses not to be miserable. Will and Luke extol the virtues of touring and hanging with Six Guys in a van. And they answer 10 questions.
038BeckyMcCraySq copy LLL038 Becky McCray: Small Towns Rule! In the aftermath of SmallTown2012, Becky and Lanna hunker down to talk about small towns and why small towns have an advantage. They discuss getting lost in Boston. They discuss getting lost in Kansas! Becky gets on her soapbox to tell how technology has evened the playing field, allowing people to be successful wherever they live. And she answers 10 questions.
037GregHolmesSq copy LLL037 Greg Holmes: Show Things The Way They Really Are Surrounded by books, Greg and Lanna talk about photography, travel and Cicadas. Greg tells Lanna he likes it best when one looks “like the environment is having its way with you.” Lanna tells Greg how easy it is to update his website. Greg calls for everyone to document their lives and their environment with photography. And he answers 10 questions.
036PatsyTerrellSq copy LLL036 Patsy Terrell: It’s So Fun to be Me! In the Hutchinson Kansas Library, Patsy and Lanna chat about nutburgers, being happy, and Southern Women. They discuss male vs. female styles of conversation. Patsy talks about her career and how “some things are meant to be said in our inside voice.” And she answers 10 questions. Then Patsy and Lanna have a mostly cheerful conversation about how they each dealt with a death of a parent.
035SpecialSq copy LLL035 Jack Mace, James “Jiggy Jaguar” Lowe, and John Hill Rogers: Kansas and Beyond: Experiment with Five Questions Here is a special episode of Lounging with LannaLee with three shorter interviews in it! Each person was asked the same five questions, but as you can hear, the answers run the gamut; from silly to serious. The first two interviews are from Kansasians Jack Mace and James “Jiggy Jaguar” Lowe. I met them when I traveled on the road to the SmallTown2012 conference last week, and they were kind enough to chat with me for a moment. The third interview is from a video I shot with John Hill Rogers (converted to audio-only for your lisenting pleasure).
034JohnHillRogersSq copy LLL034 John Hill Rogers: Entropy Experience After a delicous homemade meal, John and Lanna chat about how they met (at the Stonecoast Writers’ Conference), magic pants, and who has magic in his pants. John explains how he deals with his ADHD. They talk about John’s homesteading, music, and creativity seminiar. John recommends a couple of books. And he answers 10 questions.
033JohnLeeDumasSq copy LLL033 John Lee Dumas: Focus John and Lanna Lounge on his couch and talk about living in Maine and podcasting. John talks about his wildly popular podcast, and how his stint in the army propelled him toward success. Lanna admits she has podcaster envy. John’s advice: focus. And he answers 10 questions.
032JeffBouleySq copy LLL032 Jeff Bouley: Go With The Flow In an undisclosed location, Jeff and Lanna have a thoughtful conversation about spirituality, Christianity and Science Fiction. They kibitz about fundamentalism, atheism, and the Duggers and geek out over Doctor Who and Kevin Smith’s movie Dogma. Jeff talks about his writing career (journalism, non-fiction) and passions (sci-fi and fantasy). And he answers 10 questions.
031ElijahYoungSq copy LLL031 Elijah Young: Business Improv In a hotel room in Portland’s Old Port, Elijah and Lanna talk about the Science of Business, football and social experiments. Elijah talks about his time at a Pro Wrestling Training School and Lanna suggests a staged match at the next conference he speaks at. Lanna loses her train while Elijah explains business in a way a performer can understand it: Business Improv. Lanna asks if Elijah is performing a social experiment on her. Elijah tells how he went from a Book guy to a college football (and Ohio State Univerisity) enthusiast. And he answers 10 questions.
030AmyPorterfieldSq copy LLL030 Amy Porterfield: Important Nerd Stuff In a busy hallway at the Portland Regency Hotel, Amy and Lanna Nerd out about success, being your own boss, family life, and life lessons. Amy tells Lanna about her days of working with Tony Robbins. Lanna explains the Underpants Gnomes to Amy and tells people to be quiet. Have you ever considered a mentorship program? Amy talks about her experiences in Mastermind groups and using coaches and mentors. And she answers 10 questions.
029lllsalon_1Sq copy LLL029 LLL Salon: The Golden Rule: Like a Punch to the Face The first Lounging with LannaLee Salon Night. And here it is. A cacophony of awesome. Our theme was creativity, the life of the creative. Did we even answer all of the questions? I don’t know, but we had a blast. We had some beatbox action, one of us dissed Chris Brogan, we laughed and joked. And talked about what is important in life. How we should follow the golden rule. How we should get rid of our fear. We laughed some more. I sang. Almost a whole song before I forgot the words. Most of us cursed at least once. There are many pictures (posted below, with slide shows). There is a video (posted on the LLL Facebook Page). And there is a bunch more audio, which is to come later. Only time for so much.
028ChrisBroganSq copy LLL028 Chris Brogan: Chris Brogan is a liar Is Chris Brogan mainstream? Join Chris and Lanna as they talk about comic books, podcasting, and how creative people don’t do anything. Chris turns the tables on Lanna and asks her a couple of things. Chris tells his birth story. And he answers 10 questions.
027JeffParsonsSq copy LLL027 Jeff Parsons: Game Show Wizard From the Q97.9 studios, Jeff and Lanna talk about Pinball, game shows and the radio business. They reminise about blogging before it was called blogging. Lanna asks how to break into radio. Jeff describes his first love (pinball) and cops to his obsession with everything Bob Barker and The Price as Right. And he answers 10 questions.
026BeeRoundSq copy LLL026 Bee Round: Tell the Story Bee and Lanna talk about criticism, literature, writing and education. Bee explains why she dropped out of college and went to beauty school. Spoiler: they talk about spoilers, and why they each surround themselves with people who are easy to entertain. Bee goes back to school and she tells Lanna how it feels to have writer’s block. And she answers 10 questions.
025AmandaObrienSq copy LLL025 Amanda O’Brien: Maine Connector Amanda and Lanna talk about life in Maine, sending dogs to the farm, The Social Media Breakfast Maine, and how social media tools have changed the face of marketing. Does Amanda have a work/life Balance? Amanda talks about her nerdy roots. And she answers 10 questions.
024SteveTrombulakSq copy LLL024 Steve Trombulak: Hug the Earth Hard Enough Steve and Lanna have a lively discussion about his work as a conservation biologist, Tolkein, and kids these days. Ever wondered what a landscape biologist does? Find out what makes the drums speak as Steve spins a story of ecology and explains how his students show engagement in the natural world through storytelling. And he answers 10 questions.
022AlexandraMunierSq copy LLL023 Alexandra Munier: Rolls Royce of Blenders Join Alexandra and Lanna as they discuss pasties, dog people and being thrifty. They dish about the IKEA Bus (“It’s the Six Flags of Shopping!”) and using Local Muscle. Allie explains her recent conversion from vegetarianism to veganism. And she answers 10 questions.
022TheRichBrooksSq copy LLL022 Rich Brooks: Agent of Change: No Capes! This episode has caché! Join Rich and LannaLee as they get down to business in a lively discussion of life in Maine, entrepreneurship, and zombies. Rich explains how he balances his work and home life – or not. Rich tells us all the dirt about his upcoming conference, Agents of Change. And he answers 10 questions.
021JimLaulettaSq copy LLL021 Jim Lauletta Loads His Wit Laser Jim and Lanna talk about comedy, fans, fame and the gift of being a grown up. Jim dishes on cruise ship comedy, recovery and how he really feels about JarJar Binks. And he answers 10 questions.
020RobGouldSq copy LLL020 Rob Gould: Change Like You Mean It Join Rob and Lanna in the House of Urban Angst for an intimate discussion of life change, high-quality friendships, and the importance of names. Rob talks about his writing and his love of art. And he answers 10 questions.
019 Candace Karu Sq copy LLL019 Candace Karu: Marathon Woman What will make Candace Karu wear palazzo pants and carry a long cigarette? Lanna hunkers down with Favorite Foodie Candace for a rousing discussion of food, art, and work/life balance. Lanna learns about the meditative properties of running. Candace shares her appreciation of great cheddar and passion for healthy living. And she answers 10 questions.
018 Mike Harris Sq copy LLL018 Mike Harris: Best of the Clowns Mike and Lanna talk about Toastmasters, Public Speaking and a good story. Lanna recruits Mike to a balloon twisting group on Facebook, while Mike gives Lanna public speaking advice. Mike professes his love for the Red Sox. And he answers 10 questions.
017 Greg Daly Sq copy LLL017 Greg Daly: This Podcast Starts in Westbrook Greg and Lanna talk about design, Westbrook, and crazy muscle cars. Greg fesses up on his Diorama habit, and describes his inner sanctum. Lanna and Greg find out they both inherited grandparent cars. Greg describes his creative process, and expounds on great design and the importance of kerning. And he answers 10 questions.
016 Tina SmithSq copy LLL016 Tina Smith, “Tlove”: Rebellious Nature Tina and Lanna talk about slam poetry, performance and the Dreamship Community. Tina describes her creative process, and explains how she is living her passions. Tina performs her poem, Tomboy, and discusses how and why she wrote it. And she answers 10 questions.
015bTrishaSmithPart2Sq copy LLL015b Trisha Smith Part 2: Not so Culturally Sensitive Wherein Lanna is not so culturally sensitive and Trisha is a bad influence. Trish and Lanna continue their conversation about high school hijinks, a passion for coffee and letting thier freak flag fly. Trish divulges her creative process and proves she has style. And she answers 10 questions.
015aTrishaSmithPart1Sq copy LLL015a Trisha Smith Part 1: Trish Gets Comfy Trisha and Lanna talk about the coffee-house culture, West Coast living and being a “Mainer.” Trish relives being 18 years old and being hopped up on Esspresso. They talk about fiber/sewing art, being arty, and flowers as an ephemeral medium. And they barely scratch the surface of Trisha’s awesomeness. Part 1 of 2
014SarahHolmesSq copy LLL014 Sarah Holmes: Dyke Pride It’s Gay Pride week in the Portland Maine area and to celebrate, LannaLee lounged with the lucious Sarah Holmes to talk about pride, gender diversity and the Dyke March. Sarah schools Lanna on Stonewall and how the whole pride movement began. They talk about that marriage thing-a-ding. Sarah gives the finer points about the 7th annual Portland Maine Dyke March. And she answers 10 questions.
013TonyMariahPaglioccoSq copy LLL013 Tony and Mariah Pagliocco: Magic (The Gathering) Time Everything you need to know about the popular card game Magic: The Gathering, but forgot to ask. Tony and Mariah, a father-daughter competitive gaming duo, educate Lanna on the finer points of Magic, and clue her into what it’s like to play cards for big money. Mariah proves she is not to be underestimated. And they answer 10 questions.
012EdmundDavisQuinnSq copy LLL012 Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn: Year of Spirit Edmund and Lanna talk about spirit, blogging, The Bureau of Awesome, and heart centered-meditation. Edmund gets into the flow as he schools Lanna on the Portland Maine Poetry scene and how to use the Library system. And he answers 10 questions.
011bErinDowChrystieCornsPart2Sq copy LLL011b Chrystie Corns and Erin Dow Part 2: The County Erin, Chrystie and Lanna talk about divorce, The County, Acadian culture and food, Erin’s stint, and how everybody knows Cam. Chrystie and Erin talk about being stay at home Moms and lessons learned while harvesting potatoes. And they answer 10 questions. Part 2 of 2
011aErinDowChrystieCornsSq Part1 LLL011a Chrystie Corns and Erin Dow Part 1: Valley Girls Valley Girls* Erin and Chrystie sit down with Lanna to talk about The County, underage drinking, coupon mavens, and rock star chefs. Chrystie talks about how she makes things popular (MAGIC!) and Erin tells us how she gets kids to eat good food. *St. Johns Valley, that is. Part 1 of 2
010HeatherDenkmireSq copy LLL010 Heather Denkmire: White Trash, Bad Credit and Art Heather and Lanna chat about Craigslist missed connections, white trash, bad credit, and Art. Lanna explains that when discussing class structure, Kennebunk does not equal Maine. Heather talks about her Kickstarter initiative. And she answers 10 questions.
009PatWashburnSq copy LLL009 Pat Washburn: All the Better things Pat and Lanna talk about how they met, girl geekdom, Edward R. Murrow, and better living through technology. Lanna asks Pat about her passions. Pat explains why she let go of a creative process and expounds on the awesomeness of her cats. And she answers 10 questions.
008RachelFlehingerSq copy LLL008 Rachel Flehinger: Siren Songs of Podcast Rachel and Lanna talk about naptime, problems with math and bile clips. Rachel challenges Lanna to a sing-off. Rachel expounds on the wonders of Greek yogurt and her passions of teaching improv and acting. And she answers 10 questions.
007bGeorgeHammSq Part2 LLL007b George Hamm Part 2: The Passions of George Still in an undisclosed location in a basement in Maine, George and Lanna discuss about who’s funny, what’s funny and why comics don’t laugh at jokes. They chat about their Dads and spirituality. George talks about his creative process and how he feels like a superhero. And he answers 10 questions. Part 2 of 2.
007aGeorgeHammSq part1 LLL007a George Hamm Part 1: Adventrues in the Combat Zone From an undisclosed location in a basement in Maine, George and Lanna chat about being roommates and how George’s career in comedy started. George talks about his stint in the U.S. Marines and house sitting in Florida. Later they reminisce about the early days of comedy in Portland and adventures in the Combat Zone. Part 1 of 2.
006AmandaGilesSq copy LLL006 Amanda Giles: Clean Living with Mojitos Amanda and Lanna chat about WordPress, programming/coding, theatre majors vs. math majors, and being geek girls. Amanda sets Lanna straight about Mimosas vs. Mojitos (again!). Amanda talks about the Vulva Dialogues, her house in the woods and her love for photography. And she answers 10 questions.
005CarrieBarracoSq copy LLL005 Carrie Barraco: Fiber Geek Extraordinaire Carrie and Lanna talk about knitting, fiber, and Ravelry. Carrie explains what a Child Play Therapist does, talks about her spirituality and she geeks out about fiber. And she answers 10 questions.
004OrionFoxwoodSq copy LLL004 Orion Foxwood: Orion Foxwood Conjures up a good time Orion and Lanna discuss spirituality, plugging into the source, inner peace and 4 things that damage ones soul. Orion talks about Southern Appalachian root doctoring, just what conjuring means, his former career in public policy, and his thirst for enlightenment. And he answers 10 questions.
JulieWoodsSq copy LLL003 Julie Woods: Julie Woods tells you what to do LannaLee goes down the rabbit hole with Julie Woods as they discuss Urban Shamanism, spirituality, Facebook pokes, feeding the world and World Domination by love. Julie tells everyone how awesome Lanna is and asserts that she wants to make a better world because “I say so.” And she answers 10 questions.
ShaySq copy LLL002 Shay Stewart-Bouley: Shay Jumps in the Fray LannaLee and Shay talk about Shay’s work with Joyful Biddeford, non-profits, writing, spirituality, mommy bloggers and how much information is too much to share. Shay calls Dooce “The Godmother of Mommy Bloggers.” And she answers 10 questions.
alexSteedSq LLL001 Alex Steed in the Lead LannaLee and Alex Steed talk about, Kickstarter, Facebook/Are you really my friend?, and Twitter. Alex lets Lanna know just what a Community Digital Specialist is. And he answers 10 questions. Lounging with LannaLee inaugural episode.