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Prize Package will include homemade art/crafts, a Lounging with LannaLee Pen, plus other fun stuff. [Still figuring it all out!]

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  • Subscription to Newsletter with exclusive reports/content: Starting in December there will be an almost weekly newsletter. It will let you know about upcoming shows, and will include exclusive pictures and content
  • Teasers to Premium Podcasts/Content: Once per month Lounge Lizards will have access to Premium Content BEFORE it goes premium. A great way to try before you buy!
  • Automatic entry to Monthly Drawing: every month we will draw one person’s name to receive a prize package from Lounging with LannaLee!

*Each person can win the monthly drawing only once per calendar year.

November Prize for LannaLee Lounge Lizards

November Prize for LannaLee Lounge Lizards click to enbiggen

Here is what is in the first gift bag:

I bought or made all of these items.