Lounging with LannaLee

Lounging with LannaLee, adventures in conversation, is a weekly audio podcast, a digital intellectual salon, that’s a face-to-face, half-hour conversation between LannaLee and a fascinating person. Guests are passionate musicians, activists, geeks, nerds, actors, writers, artists, and business professionals. .

The Lex and Lanna Show

Guerrilla Social Commentary from two feisty Maine women since 2010.
Lanna and Lex meet at a Tweetup in Portland, ME; they find they have common interests. And lo! A podcast is born! Join them as they discuss social media, hot trends on the interwebs, presentation, art, feminism, gender and balloon animals.
Their Mission, to Subvert Gender Stereotypes!

Bureau Of Awesome

In the Bureau Of Awesome, Edmund and Lanna talk about politics, books, movies, games and the internets. Bi-Weekly since 2011.