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Go Premiumwith Lounging with LannaLee!

Lounging with LannaLee is now offering Bonus Premium Content, available ONLY to paid subscribers. While the weekly lounge will remain free, paid subscribers will gain access to extra videos, podcasts and pictures – all for only $1.99 per month*!

Here is a way you can support the show AND get cool stuff!

To access the Premium Content

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Click Get Premium Access and set up/sign into your MyLibsyn Account.

That’s not all, when we reach 100 subscribers, you’ll be able to access your premium content right from your phone, using and iOS or Android app. So the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can be styling and listening to Lounging with LannaLee on your very own app! SPECIAL OFFER for new subscribers. Details here.

Subscription Rates:

  • $1.99 every month
  • $4.99 every 6 months
  • $7.99 every 12 months