LLL086 Todd Neufeld: Wherein Todd is a bad influence #podcast

Todd Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

Todd Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

Todd and I sit down to chat after helping build a 5-story balloon sculpture and reminisce of our days twisting together in Boston; back when I was a clown and he was a law student. Todd tells me how we can make the world a better place and he solves my performance anxiety. We are too loud for Suzanne, and won’t let Mike in the room. We talk about “Lawyer school” and how Todd created Manager Sal. Todd dishes about twisting balloons at the White House. And he answers 10 questions.

Todd Neufeld

Todd “Twistin’ Todd” Neufeld is a professional balloon artist in New York City. He has been featured in many TV shows and magazines, at the White House, and most recently, on an episode of Lounging with LannaLee.

The 411: Todd Neufeld

LLL085 Phileas Flash: Balloon Whisperer #podcast

Phileas lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Phileas lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Phileas Flash gets deep in this fantastic conversation. In the aftermath of creating a five-story balloon sculpture, I hunker down with Phileas Flash and he tells me how we should make the world a better place. We discuss how balloons are like life and life is like a tapestry (or a river!) Phileas encourages everyone to believe in ourselves, follow our dreams and support people in their dreams. He tells me how we went from being an actor, to Ringmaster to magician and balloon artist, and became a world traveler (From England, Phileas has lived in a tent in France, performed in Egypt and the Dominican Republic, and he now lives in Canada with the love of his life!) Phileas tells us to Pass it forward. And he answers 10 questions.

Phileas Flash

Phileas Flash (aka Rupert Appleyard) is a British entertainer who has been creating large scale balloon sculptures internationally for the last ten years. Largely self taught, his distinctive style and freestyle methods have pushed his creations to the forefront of balloon art, with images of his signature pieces being seen and shared all over the world. He loves performing and the combination of art and entertainment puts his work in hot demand both in Canada (where he now lives with his wife and two dogs) and internationally. In 2014 he released his first instructional DVD ‘The face of things to come’ which taught a pattern for building his signature balloon face. 2014 is bringing him all sorts of exciting opportunities, he was recently featured in Balloon Magic Magazine as a spotlight artist, has been featured for the third time by internet sensation George Takei and is at the forefront of the Random Acts of Balloon Artistry movement (dedicated to spreading happiness through balloon art).

The 411: Phileas Flash

LLL084 Kelly Cheatle: More Dogs! #podcast

Kelly Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Kelly Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

In the aftermath of building a 5-story balloon Jack and His Beanstalk at Balloon Manor 2014, I sit down with Airigami’s artistic director, Kelly Cheatle. We talk about the artistic proccess, and how Kelly says we can make the world a better place. Hint: Don’t be a Jerk! Kelly talks about how she started making incredible, large-scale balloon sculptures, and encourages us all to open a door for someone, literally or figuratively. And she answers 10 questions.

Kelly Cheatle

Artist Kelly Cheatle has been fascinated with micro art since the age of 10, when she read an article about scientists etching miniature angels on the head of a pin. Since then, she’s created miniature, wheel-thrown teapots and highly-detailed crochet sculptures – both small enough to sit on a penny.

Kelly received her Design degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a minor in Illustration and a major interest in every studio elective she could find. Her diverse knowledge of traditional materials and image-making techniques has given her an appreciation for texture and dimensionality, even in digital formats.

ln 2001, she founded Greener Pastures Design & Illustration, and her graphic work appears nationally. When given an opportunity to work with balloons during Balloon Manor 2006, she was excited about a new medium for creating artwork. Now, as a partner in Airigami, her design sense and illustration background have helped to take it in new directions, including designing inflated fashions that have appeared on runways in Rochester, NYC and Las Vegas.

The 411: Kelly Cheatle

LLL083a The Pod is Back #podcast

The Pod is BackOne more solo pod before we get back to proper lounges. I pick up where LLL083 – LannaLee’s Existential Angst left off, give you an update of what’s been going on, and get you (and me!) pumped up for next week’s podcast, which will feature Kelly Cheatle from Balloon Manor.

Talking about depression, Balloon Manor and hair dye.

[Recorded 04/15/2014]

LLL049 Larry Moss: Experiencing the Art @airigami

Larry lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!
Larry lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Larry lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Here is the third part of a six-part series featuring those special people who make art and entertainment out of folding air into latex balloons. Our conversations centered on making a living doing art, how they started in the biz and their creative processes. Laypeople and twisters alike will enjoy these fantastic conversations.

Larry and Lanna chat about art, minor celebrity and being balloon famous. They discuss using community to create large-scale balloon sculptures and the ins and outs of getting a Guinness World record. Lanna quizzes Larry about his adventures in Cannes with Bright Bricks and Aardman Animations. Larry talks about his really bad Harry Anderson impression. And he answers 10 questions.

Larry Moss

Larry Moss began his career in 1985 as a NYC street performer, but has gone on to display his amazing air-filled art in 12 countries on four continents. His achievements have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, CNN Headline, PBS, Smithsonian Magazine, American Profile and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Moss has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, NBC’s “Today” and at the White House, and has held the Guinness World Record for the largest non-round balloon sculpture since 2000. The author of many published ballooning books, Larry also has a degree in applied math and computer science, as well as a master’s in elementary education. Building community through his large-scale art creations is of particular interest to Larry, and was the focus of his 2009 TEDx talk in Rochester, NY.

The 411: Larry Moss