LLL089 Flip Florey: Give Yourself that Little Push #podcast #bance @GameKnight

Flip Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Flip Lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Recorded in the aftermath of Huzzah! the Historical Wargaming Convention for New England, Flip brings the Bance! We talk about board games, clowning, balloon twisting and how to make the world a better place. Flip dishes that he met his wife Deb while playing Magic The Gathering. We chat about Flip The Table, playing HeartThrob, VHS tape games, and what BANCE really means. We commiserate about getting pulled over in our clown costumes, and reminisce about wearing our costumes in public. Flip talks about working as the Easter Bunny and tells me why he takes funny business seriously. And he answers 10 questions.

Flip Florey

Since his application to Starfleet as the first Jedi/Robot Lion pilot was denied at the age of 12, Flip Florey went on to greater things. Such as balloon twisting, clowning, boardgame evangelist, podcaster and student. Long time friend of the one and only Lanna Lee and fellow enthusiastic cat lover, Flip Florey is one bad bald dude that can’t dance and dreams about hunting down a copy of Vanilla Ice’s Electronic Rap and Rhyme board game one of these days.

The 411: Flip Florey

#013 Tony and Mariah Pagliocco: Magic (The Gathering) Time

Tony and Mariah lounged with LannaLee and got couches!

Tony and Mariah lounged with LannaLee and got couches!

Tony and Mariah lounged with LannaLee and got couches!

Everything you need to know about the popular card game Magic: The Gathering, but forgot to ask. Tony and Mariah, a father-daughter competitive gaming duo, educate Lanna on the finer points of Magic, and clue her into what it’s like to play cards for big money. Mariah proves she is not to be underestimated. And they answer 10 questions.

Tony Pagliocco

Father, Gamer, Wrestling Coach, & Web Engineering God all wrapped up into one ball of fun. Tony Pagliocco moved to Maine in the last year from sunny Arizona, where he now works in Kennebunk Maine as the Director of Technology for a Market Research company. He coaches a youth wrestling club in Wells and spends the rest of his time travelling around the Unites States playing on the competitive Magic: the Gathering circuit with his daughter.

Mariah Pagliocco

Magic: the Gathering, Korean Pop Music, & Art, this is the world of Mariah Pagliocco. She moved here a year ago from Arizona and she’s a freshman at Wells High school. Mariah loves Korean culture, (asian culture in general) and wants to go there someday! Mariah is what you call a grinder (one who plays competitive Magic: the Gathering) and she wants to qualify for their pro tour so she can go overseas to play!

The 411: Tony Pagliocco

Here is where you can find Tony online.

The 411: Mariah Pagliocco

Here is where you can find Mariah online.

[Recorded 06/05/2012]