#001 @AlexSteed in the Lead

Alex Steed

Alex Steed Lounges with Lanna Lee and gets a couch!

LannaLee and Alex Steed talk about FoodComa.tv, Kickstarter, Facebook/Are you really my friend?, and Twitter. Alex lets Lanna know just what a Community Digital Specialist is. And he answers 10 questions. Lounging with LannaLee inaugural episode.

Alex Steed is a Writer, Organizer, Thinker, and Marketer. He the Producer of the web series FoodComaTV, a Maine and New England based Web Series that reports “on the oft-overlooked food culture of Maine that exists outside of Portland’s city limits”. He also works as a Community & Digital Communications Specialist at Opportunity Maine.

The 411: Alex Steed

Wonder where can you find Alex online? Well, wonder no longer!

[Recorded 01/30/2012]

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