LLL036 Patsy Terrell: It’s So Fun to be Me!

Patsy Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

In the Hutchinson Kansas Library, Patsy and Lanna chat about nutburgers, being happy, and Southern Women. They discuss male vs. female styles of conversation. Patsy talks about her career and how “some things are meant to be said in our inside voice.” And she answers 10 questions. Then Patsy and Lanna have a mostly cheerful conversation about how they each dealt with a death of a parent.

This is a longer than usual episode. Enjoy its awesomeness!

Patsy Terrell: Offical Bio

Patsy Terrell blends her knowledge of new media with her foundation in traditional marketing and public relations for maximum benefit to clients.

She works with authors, the tourism industry, museums, businesses and organizations to identify their goals and help choose the best tools to achieve them.

Her background includes work in radio, television, newspapers and magazines. She has been using social media since it first came on the scene.

Patsy also does voice work, and freelance writing and reporting. She writes a monthly column in the statewide magazine, “Kansas Country Living.” She is the author of three cookbooks and five geneaology books.

Patsy Terrell: Fun Bio!

I dabble in many things, and make a living at some of them. I’m a writer, social media facilitator, voice talent, ponderer, traveler, afternoon tea aficionado, artist, consultant, reader, journal keeper, speaker, baker, journalist, collector of vintage prettiness, PR person, and Christmas lover. In my spare time I host journaling, visioning and creativity retreats. Otherwise, I just spend my days being incredibly thankful. Recent moment of self-awareness: I use too many exclamation points. I’m trying to stop. Really!

The 411: Patsy Terrell