LLL039 The Mallett Brothers: Road Warriors

Luke and Will Lounged with LannaLee and got couches!

Luke and Will Lounged with LannaLee and got couches!

In a sketchy band practice room, Luke, Will and Lanna talk about growing up in Piscataquis County, high school politics, and the creative life. Will gets all existential. Luke chooses not to be miserable. Will and Luke extol the virtues of touring and hanging with Six Guys in a van. And they answer 10 questions.

Luke Mallett

One of two members of MBB that’s a son of famed folk singer David Mallett, Luke began playing music as soon as he could walk. In the Mallett house, with instruments perpetually slumbering on various pieces of furniture like cats, it was easy enough. Early forays on the piano and bass guitar placed him in a number of hardcore bands in high school before he eventually joined Lab Seven, long regarded as one of the premier hip hop acts in Portland, Maine; and, finally, Boombazi, where he joined Leen and Soule in the mid-2000’s. A lyrical firehose, Luke’s hip hop background is credited by some as the source of his distinctive vocal and lyrical style that makes him one of the favorite vocalists (of any genre) in the Portland, Maine music scene.

Will Mallett

Will Mallett, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Maine’s Hottest Bachelor” of 2011, is one of MBB’s primary songwriters, contributing musically on acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, and lead and backup vocals. He co-founded the Mallett Brothers Band along with Luke and Nick in 2009. He enjoys swimming in rivers and long rides in vans.

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