LLL029 LLLSalon: The Golden Rule: Like a Punch to the Face

Rachel, Lanna and Greg at the live LLLSalon NightBreaking right into the first person here. What do I say about this episode?

Historically a Salon is a intellectual gathering where the hostess gathers a group of interesting people together to discuss politics, literature, art, music and other topics of the day. It would last over a long dinner which included several courses. These salons attracted the intellectual elite and were meant to educate and amuse their guests. I always loved the idea of a good salon. People wielded power in salons.

Each Lounging with LannaLee episode acts as if it were a mini-salon, with me and one or two guests. When I Lounged with Candace Karu I told her of my dream: to do a larger scale lounge. And to my great surprise and immense pleasure, she volunteer to host a dinner party at her house so we could do this. We chose our dream team (detailed below) and got to planning.

And here it is. A cacophony of awesome. Our theme was creativity, the life of the creative. Did we even answer all of the questions? I don’t know, but we had a blast.

We had some beatbox action, one of us dissed Chris Brogan, we laughed and joked. And talked about what is important in life. How we should follow the golden rule. How we should get rid of our fear. We laughed some more. I sang. Almost a whole song before I forgot the words. Most of us cursed at least once. There are many pictures (posted below, with slide shows). There is a video (posted on the LLL Facebook Page). And there is a bunch more audio, which is to come later. Only time for so much.

I would quote more, but some of it loses its meaning without the context. You know what I mean.

This was a glorious experiment that turned out better than I expected. We had so much fun, we are planning on doing it again. Should we? I am thinking that four times a year is good. What do you think?

Note: we had a problem with the sound. There are 3 occasions where there are short bouts of hissing. I apologize for any annoyances this might cause. It does go away.

The Players

KeithLukeSq copy Keith Luke can be found on Twitter as @GriffinClubMerv and at Luke Photography. This is Keith’s first lounge.

…looking to cash a social media paycheck

#008 Rachel Flehinger: Siren Songs of Podcast  Rachel Flehinger Lounged with LannaLee in LLL008 Rachel Flehinger: Siren Songs of Podcast on April 26, 2012.

I’m a busy, busy bitch.

Golden Rule your life and you can’t go wrong.

LLL017 Greg Daly: This Podcast Starts in Westbrook Greg Daly Lounged with LannaLee in LLL017 Greg Daly: This Podcast Starts in Westbrook on July 12, 2012.

I tend to speak in hyperbole a lot.

LLL019 Candace Karu: Marathon Woman @CandaceKaru Candace Karu Lounged with LannaLee in LLL019 Candace Karu: Marathon Woman on July 26, 2012.

My day is my work of art.

#001 @AlexSteed in the Lead Alex Steed Lounged with LannaLee in LLL001 @AlexSteed in the Lead on March 1, 2012.

He’s sexting. Leave him alone.

I just wish my sexual peak lasted beyond 23.

The Signing of the Forms

Photo By Keith Luke

Pre-Dinner Schmoozing

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

The Main Event

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photo By Keith Luke

Photos by Keith Luke – Slide Show

Photos by LannaLee – Slide Show


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